European Policy Forum 2007: Minimum standards and beyond - the contribution of Equal to a dignified standard of living for asylum seekers in Europe

Europaporten Malmoe, Sweden

When: May 22-24 2007
Where: Malmoe, Sweden

Welcome to the European Policy Forum on Asylum!

The Forum is organised by the Swedish ESF-Council in cooperation with the managing authorities of the European Social Fund in Italy, Germany, Greece, Finland, Poland and Portugal. The event is supported by the European Commission.

The Policy Forum will:

  • Present and discuss successful approaches to integrate asylum seekers in different national contexts within the EU;
  • Illustrate the benefits of going beyond the minimum standards outlined in the Reception Directive
  • Make the case for a more comprehensive integration of asylum seekers to politicians and decision makers; and,
  • Look at future opportunities to help the integration of asylum seekers, European Funds such as the European Social Funds, anti-discrimination and social inclusion processes, etc.

More information on the Policy Forum and the Programme for the event can be accessed through the menu bar on the right.

Update: You can access documentation from the conference here