Together in Diversity, An event for the European Year of Interculural Dialogue

Dublin, Irland

Tid: 6-7 november 2008
Plats: Dublin Castle, Dublin, Irland
Arrangörer: Ett flertal inom ramen för det Europeiska året för interkulturell dialog

This November, a range of organisations, will host an inspiring conference in Dublin to examine the role and contribution of community development in the creation of an intercultural society. The conference will feature international and Irish speakers, field visits, a cultural showcase and more.

Ur inbjudan:

Over the past 50 years, cultural diversity inside and between EU member states has created opportunities and challenges unimaginable by the original signatories of the first European Treaty. Issues such as migration, poverty, social inclusion and human rights are transforming both urban and rural social contexts.

  • What is intercultural dialogue in this context?
  • What is the contribution of community development to intercultural dialogue?
  • What is the contribution of community development to creating an intercultural society?
  • What can we share and learn about integrating intercultural approaches within community development practice?
  • What are the challenges of this?

A range of Irish and European bodies concerned with community development and
interculturalism issues have come together to create a two-day European conference to reflect on these questions. The conference marks 2008 as the EU Year of Intercultural Dialogue and features international and Irish speakers, field visits and opportunity for discussion.

The event is for:

– Community activists and community workers across the EU
– Groups and associations of migrants, ethnic and indigenous communities
across the EU
– Local, regional or national decision-makers across the EU concerned with
creating intercultural and socially inclusive communities.

The event will:

– Use the theme of intercultural dialogue to explore contemporary migration and
poverty within the EU
– Explore the role of community development in this context
– Promote the role of community development in challenging racism and in
shaping an intercultural and equal society
– Include a focus on poverty and social inclusion among migrants and ethnic and
indigenous communities within the EU
– Share experiences and network with others working on intercultural and
community development issues across the EU.

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